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High-quality terry cloth and textile products, even in compressed form. Discover our full corporate gift product range and get in touch with us.

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Promotional gift products

After compression, the size of the product will be a fraction of the original, making our corporate gift products economical for transportation, storage, and distribution. After unpacking, the product regains its original size and shape.

With our process, we have doubled the advertising space by branding both the business gift and its packaging, while significantly reducing its ecological footprint.

We are able to compress any textile product that does not have protruding, fragile parts on its surface.

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Step by step

How does compression work?

We create the compressed textile and terry cloth products applying a special process. Complete promotional gift products can then be easily unpacked, and by following the instructions, the business gift regains its original shape.

The process of compression
The process of compression
The process of unpacking
The process of unpacking

Who are compressed textile products recommended for?

Due to the manufacturing technology, compressed textile products are not economical for small orders. Therefore, we offer our products to bigger organizations, business entities offering numerous advantages for them:

  • perfect complement to a marketing campaign based on an unusual or even unique idea
  • practical due to its space-saving size, making it an excellent promotional gift added to product packaging
  • our terry cloth products are OEKO-TEX certified, and by compressing them, we can further reduce their ecological footprint, thus offering truly environmentally friendly corporate gift products
  • compressed textile gifts can be prepared in various shapes and design, according to the customer’s preferences
  • our terry cloths business gifts are high-quality products made in Europe, and after unpacking, they serve as long-lasting promotional items fulfilling their role as advertising carriers throughout their lifespan

Among others, we provide corporate gift products for the automotive industry, banking/financial sector, hospitality, accommodation services, food industry, beverage production, creative service providers, media, entertainment/leisure industry, festival organizers, sports facilities, associations.

About Compessotex

Our company’s main activity is the sale of high-quality terry cloth and textile promotional gift products manufactured in Europe, from stock or through custom production. Thanks to our decades of experience as a constant player in the Hungarian market, we are proud of our achievements and long-term partnerships.

We have been producing compressed textile gifts for over ten years. We are the only company in Hungary using its own machinery, that allows flexible production to a high standard thanks to overall control of the processes.